The Road to Jericho

kyle from st helens


The first of Brother Bernard features “The Road to Jericho”

The Road to Jericho


There was a man went travelling down

– or so the story goes-

and he was mugged and let for dead

on the road to Jericho.


A priest was going down that way

and saw the wounded man.

He eyed him once.

He eyed him twice

and thought it didn’t seem quite right.

So he left him there in the stones and sand

on the road to Jericho.


A temple servant passed that way

and saw the dying man.

He looked him up.

He looked him down,

remembered business in the town.

So he left him there in the flies and heat

on the road to Jericho.


A foreign merchant next came by,

an outcast in the land.

He saw the pain.

He saw the grief.

He brought the suffering man relief

and helped him till they reached an inn

on the road to Jericho.


Now you and I go travelling down

so many different roads.

We see a world

that is sunk in pain

and we know it won’t be right again

unless we help each help each other walk

our roads to Jericho.


Copyright 1979, 2006, Claravallis Editions







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