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In the image, Premiership referee Chris Foy accepts a cheque for £1300 on behalf of St Helens Home Start from Brother President John Williams.

Brother John Murray writes of his work as Charity Officer

The Catenian Association is primarily a social organisation, but over the years charitable giving has played an increasing role in the activities of Circles.

The Association has its own two charities which are completely separate from the ‘President’s Charity’.

The two Catenian charities are, The Benevolent Fund, and the Bursary Fund. The former exists to help Brothers or their families in times of family crisis. Each Circle has a Benevolent Board that considers cases of hardship as they arise and makes recommendations for assistance from the nationally held fund as appropriate.

The Bursary Fund (St Helens Circle Article) exists to fund Catholics, typically in gap years, undertaking projects to support needy folk in various parts of the world. Young people are encouraged to apply for assistance, often via the parish noticeboard, and presentations of grants are increasingly made at Sunday Mass in their own parishes.

Click Here For Bursary Fund Page

Currently the Benevolent Fund is in a very healthy state, but increasing demands in recent years have left the Bursary Fund in need of contributions. Brothers are encouraged to support this charity, if possible with gift aided contributions. The Fund is also registered on the ‘Just Giving’ website to enable donations from outside the Association. The web site is

Apart from these two worthy causes, in recent years it has become the norm for the Circle President to choose a charity to support during his year in office. During the course of the year the proceeds from a fixed number of raffles goes to this charity, notably from the Ladies Night which is the Circle’s premier social event.

In 2012 the President chose, ‘Home Start St. Helens’ for his charity, and at the end of the year a presentation of £1300 was made to its patron, premiership referee, Chris Foy. The charity for 2013 is a special school in St. Helens

As was said in the first paragraph, we are not primarily a money raising organisation. Nevertheless, it gives us great satisfaction to raise money for worthy causes while enjoying ourselves!

John Murray

Charity Officer

St. Helens 21


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