St Helens Circle History Articles

St Helens Circle History-Foreword

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Long serving St Helens Brother, Ron Parr, tells us what stimulated him to research and write the story of the formation of St Helens Circle.. What prompted me to write the history of St Helens Circle? Well, you may be surprised to learn that it was the menu printed for our Annual Ladies Night (or [&

St Helens Circle History-Part One

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The Story of  St Helens Catenian Circle Part One… On a number of occasions, particularly anniversaries, mention is made of the date our Circle was formed, and the attendance at its inauguration, of Brothers Sandy and Shepherd together with brothers from Wigan and Liverpool Circles. However no

St Helens Circle History-Part Two

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Here follows the next instalment of the history of the institution of the mens Catholic group in St Helens, otherwise know as the St Helens Catenian Circle . This article has been written by long standing Catenian brother, Ron Parr. The History of the first St Helens Circle meeting continues…I

St Helens Catenian Circle History by Ron Parr continues…. Click Here to read Circle History Foreword Click Here to read Circle History Part One Click Here to read Circle History Part Two The first St Helens Council Meeting was held on June 23rd 1914 at the Royal Raven Hotel… The members

St Helens Catenian Circle History by long serving brother Ron Parr continues… (Note-Most of the research took place during 1996 and the manuscript re typed in 2001) In November 1916 the Circle ‘resolved that St Helens Circle is of the opinion that all signs of recognition, especially relatin

St Helens Catenian Circle History-Part Five continues in this final instalment of the insightful and thought provoking story. Backtracking to 1914, and in particular to procedural matters, it was customary to say the De Profundis for deceased members of the Association immediately after the formal o

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