St Helens Brother Profiles-Brother Parr

Brother Profile-Brian Parr

From would be super model to pop star and now ‘King of the Road’, Brian Parr’s story is indeed full of surprises. On the super model episode, Brian comments:

“It came about by accident and at the time I wanted to keep quiet about it to avoid any ‘stick’ from my friends. I was asked to model academic dress for Liverpool University and it was good fun although I did not attend university myself. I did have other offers but decided not to persue them. On reflection who knows how that would have worked out!”

On the pop music scene Brian was part of a trio with his brother and another friend.

“We were called Flying Suitcases and I was lead singer. We did gigs in local clubs and pubs and had quite a good reputation in the area. We were all in work and it was a good diversion. I am a great fan of Bryan Ferry and Roxy Music. I have met him twice and he has always been an inspiration as far as music is concerned.”

Brian was born in Parr on 20th December 1962 and attended Our Lady’s Primary School where he came under the watchful eye of Bernard Fyldes.”My main interest in those days was football and I captained the school team and also played for the town.”

At 11 Brian transfered to St.Anselms (now St.Augustines) where he stayed before moving on the West Park at 13+. At that time, St.Helens was gradually moving towards a fully comprehensive system but with West Park still holding its status and the 11+ abolished, pupils were still allowed to transfer at 13+. “I really enjoyed my time at West Park and two teachers stand out in my memory. One was Mr.Campbell and the other was Mr. Leyland known as ‘Biffo’ who was in charge of rugby. I was quite quick in those days so he put me on the wing. I also was in the athletics team as suffering from hayfever cricket was not for me!”

Brian continued at West Park to the end of 6th form but decided to look for work rather than to apply for university, becoming a sales rep for a retail company based in Cambridge.

Brian returned to playing football and in fact had trials with Preston North End.

“I really enjoyed that, the freedom of working alone and travelling was something that appealed to me.”

Moving into management, Brian took on supervisory work in transport and logistics but soon began to miss the freedom of the road. “I had got my HGV license a few years before and I decided the time was right to look for something outside the office so I applied to Sainsbury’s as an HGV driver which is the job I do now. It’s not quite ‘King of the Road’ but I do enjoy the freedom.”

Away from work and sport Brian is married to Sara who runs her own floristry business. They have three children; Ben who is studying for a BTEC in IT at St.Helens College and is into BMX biking, Ashley who is at school and plays rugby for the U12’s at Liverpool St.Helens RUFC and daughter Lucy.

“It’s a full life ferrying them around to different venues, but as a parent that is what you sign up for!” Brian has been to the Hong Kong Sevens on two occasions with other interests including going to the gym, squash and DIY. All are parishoners of Lowe House.

by Br Geoff Lightfoot

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