In this section of the website, we’ll be featuring profiles of the brothers from St Helens Circle.
Just click on the links below for each profile…

FEBRUARY 2013Brother George Baldry Click Here To Read Brother Baldry's Profile
MARCH 2013Brother Brian Parr
brother brian parr
Click Here To Read Brother Parr's Profile
APRIL 2013Brother Roger Mullin Click Here to read Roger Mullin's Profile
AUGUST 2013Brother John Murray brother john murrayClick Here To Read Brother Murray's Profile
OCTOBER 2013Brother John Francis brother john francisClick Here To Read Brother Francis' Profile
MAY 2014Brother Peter Alcock Click Here To Read Brother Alcock's Profile
JUNE 2014Brother Paul Mather
Click Here To Read Brother Mather's Profile
OCTOBER 2014Brother Peter Harvey brother peter harveyClick Here To Read Brother Peter Harvey's Profile

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